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FREE BEADING TUTORIAL - "Chillies" Earrings

These beadwoven earrings are made with 2 hole SuperDuo beads, 11/0 Japanese seed beads and big spike beads. 

The detailed Beading Tutorial with photos and text can be downloaded HERE.


Free Beading Tutorial - "Fleur-de-lis"

FLEUR-DE-LIS Earrings 

FLEUR-DE-LIS Free Earrings Tutorial can be accessed HERE.

For this beadwoven earrings you will need the following materials:

two-hole Czech Superduo beads

Japanese 11/0 seed beads 

Czech dagger beads

Size B black beading thread

silver jump rings

1 pair silver ear wires

You can make these earrings in many different color variations. These are only a few examples for inspiration.

I hope you will like this tutorial and enjoy your beading. 

Free Beading Tutorial - "Sunset"

SUNSET Bracelet

SUNSET Free Beading Tutorial can be accessed HERE.














For this beadwoven bracelet you will need the following materials:

6mm 2-hole cabochon beads

6 mm Kheops par Puca beads

two-hole Superduo beads

4mm Czech fire polished beads 

11/0 Japanese seed beads 

8mm golden magnetic clasp

Size B red beading thread


I hope you will like this tutorial and enjoy your beading. 

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