May 2017

Soapmaking - new hobby of mine

I want to share with you a new passion I made for soapmaking. This hobby is rather new: I made my first soap last summer and since then I've been hooked on it! I love making my own natural soaps, I love using them, but what I love most is offering them as gifts to my family and friends! 

It took me about a year before I started making soaps since the moment I felt I wanted to do this. It was not easy to begin because there is a chemical process involved and certain safety measures that should be taken, lots of reading about the soapmaking process, which incredients should be used and which tools are needed. All this took a year, to gather all the ingredients, knowledge and courage to get started. Which I did! :)

My all time favorite soap is the sea salt bar. 

I also experimented a mixed sea salt and pink Himalayan salt bar. I turned a bit more scrubby than I expected because the pink Himalayan salt does not grind so finely as the sea salt, but it was a good soap with scrubbing effect which I loved. And it looked wonderful: half white, half pink rose. 

The soap with marigold infused olive oil is a great antiseptic soap. It can also be used on babies as it is a soft non allergic soap. 

I am always trying to find a natural way to color my soaps. Pink clay colors the soap in soft pink to dark brown. And eucaliptus leaf excract makes the soap green.

I also make my own solid shampoo bar with nettle and green clay (the greenish soap in the foreground of the picture bellow).

I'm very happy with this new activity of mine: all natural, fun, useful and I always have gifts for everyone! :)