Easy Crescent Band

Free Beading Tutorial


Techniques: Beadweaving

Project Level: Beginner


50 Polychrome Gold Rush 3x10mm two hole Czechmates Crescent beads

1.5 gr. Permanent Finish Galvanized Aluminum size 11/0 Toho seed beads (PF558)

1 8mm magnetic clasp

One G beading thread, black


Size 11 or 12 beading needle


Finished Size

Width – 10 cm (4 inches)

Length – 19 cm (7.5 inches)


Pom-pom earrings

New publication in Bead&Button Magazine, August Issue 2019, no. 152 - Pom-pom earrings - Crescents, Demi beads, and seed beads create beaded bead earrings that will leave you cheering. 

To get your copy of the magazine and the latest patterns access this link. 

Petite buds bracelet

My beading pattern for Petite buds bracelet has been published in Bead&Button Magazine, April Issue 2019, no. 150. 

Pinch and Demi beads make up a winding path of tiny flower buds just in time for spring. 

The magazine and the pattern can be accessed following this link. 

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Spiral Beaded Rope Necklace Tutorials


This summer I challenged myself to create several beaded rope designs that use exclusively traditional beads. It was a creative play with seed beads, no particular stitch, except for one rope for which I used a modified version of tubular herringbone. Bellow are the three spiral ropes toghether that were made.

The first beadwoven rope is "Tubular Herringbone with a Layered Twist". This beaded rope is a variation of the tubular herringbone with a twist stitch. In this new beading design, the seed beads arrange nicely in a layered twist as you advance with the beading, forming a dimensional texture for the beaded spiral rope. This new beading stitch can be used for various beading designs, such as necklaces or bracelets. The tutorial is available HERE.

The second design is the "Spiral Leaf Rope" beadwoven necklace. This beading design uses only traditional seed beads of various sizes which are woven to form a spiral leaf pattern around a beaded core. The result is a beautiful beaded spiral rope with a dimensional texture. The beading pattern "Spiral Leaf Rope" can be used to create various beading designs, such as necklaces or bracelets. Beading tutorial available HERE.

And the third spiral necklace design - "Chunky Helix Rope" - a beadwoven textured spiral necklace. The design uses traditional 11/0 seed beads and 4mm fire polished beads. The project is for intermediate beaders, however advanced beginners may find the project quite up to their skills. The beading pattern can be used to create a matching chunky bracelet as well. The Beading Tutorial can be purchased HERE.


FALLING STARS Beaded Bracelet

"FALLING STARS" beadwoven bracelet tutorial. 

A thin row of interconnected little stars, this design is intended to highlight the interesting effect of the Gem Duo duets. With one beading design and only one color type of Gem Duo beads you get two differently looking bracelets which can be worn together or separately. 

bead weaving.

Skill level: 
Advanced Beginner to Intermediate 

Materials needed: 
2-hole Czech Gem Duo duets,
seed beads size 11/0.

Finished size: 
Length – 17 cm (6.7 inches)
Width – 2.3 cm (0.8 inches)

FALLING STARS Beading Tutorial can be purchased in MY SHOP.


BOWTIE Earrings

I am so excited! The beading pattern for the "Bowtie" Earrings has been published in the December 2017 issue of Bead&Button Extra Magazine. 
This is my first appearance in a serious publication, more are waiting in the queue the next year :)

JINGLE BELLS Beaded Christmas Ornaments

bead weaving, craw. 

Skill level: 
Intermediate to Advanced

Materials needed: 
seed beads size 11/0,
8 mm fire polished beads

Finished size: 
Length – 5.7 cm (2.2 inches)
Width – 4.5 cm (1.7 inches)

Beaded Christmas Ornament Tutorial JINGLE BELLS available in MY SHOP.

LOTUS Flower Bracelet Tutorial

bead weaving.
Skill level: 
Advanced Beginner to Intermediate 

Materials needed: 
2-hole Czech Kite beads,
6 mm round beads,
seed beads size 11/0.

Finished size: 
Length – 17.8 cm (7 inches)
Width – 2.2 cm (0.8 inches) 

The Beading Tutorial for LOTUS Beadwoven Bracelet can be purchased in MY SHOP.

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